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Welcome to Tanner Plantation
A Master Planned Community in Hanahan, South Carolina 

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhoods and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Neighborhood News ~

 The Assessment in 2018 for Tanner Master remains at $70.00 per home. 



Unwanted NewsPapers
If you are not interested in receiving the two complimentary area newspapers that are delivered to your home, as the owner, you may contact the newspaper office directly and ask them to stop.

Goose Creek Gazette
Hanahan and Goose Creek News

Remember to pick up after your pets. 
Here is the City Ordinance
City ordinance violation can result in a fine of $1088 including assessments or 30 days in jail.


Sec. 6-9.  Sanitation.
(a)   It shall be unlawful for the owner of any animal to allow the accumulation of waste excretions from animals which are offensive by sight or odor to any neighbor. All owners shall be required to move and dispose of all waste in a sanitary manner. Where a complaint is received regarding this section, the animal control officer shall investigate the complaint within 48 hours and if, in his opinion, the complaint is found to be justified, he shall give written notice to the owner (if necessary via adult member of the household) to clean the premises within 24 hours. If, by the expiration of the allotted time, the premises have not been satisfactorily cleaned, the owner or his agent shall be issued a summons (citation) to appear in municipal court.
(b)   It shall be unlawful for any owner, keeper or walker of any dog or cat to permit his dog or cat to discharge its excreta upon any public or private property except upon the property of the owner of the animal or upon the property of one who has assented thereto unless such owner, keeper, or walker immediately thereafter removes said animal's excreta from the public or private property in question.
(Code 1983, § 6-2-9; Ord. of 10-13-1992; Ord. of 12-11-2001)
Please remember it is against the law to put flyers inside mailboxes.  This is a federal offense.
This is a website for associations within Tanner Plantation that are managed by Southern Community Services.

Southern Community Services, your property management team, is working hard to provide you with better communication and up-to-date news. If you have not already done so, please send us your email and contact information so that we can add it to our database. This database is strictly for our communication purposes, and will help as a vehicle to get important information to the residents as soon as possible! Please email your information (email address, first and last names) to

In order to access the Member Only pages on our site, you must be a current resident within Tanner Plantation. If you are, please use the SCS Staff and Contact Information page and email the website coordinator for your login information.


~ Lost Pets, Yard Sales
& Items for Sale ~


Please feel free to contact SCS to make us aware of any missing pets. We also would like to post any yard/garage sales or specific items for sale.
Please email jturner@Trustscs.com





~ City of Hanahan Information ~

For all you wanted to know about Hanahan and more visit their website www.cityofhanahan.com

1255 Yeamans Hall Road
Hanahan, SC 29410
Telephone: (843) 554-4221
Facsimile: (843) 747-3220

Police Department
1255 Yeamans Hall Road
Hanahan, SC 29410
Phone: 843.747.5711 or www.hanahanpolice.com
Emergency 9-1-1

Fire Department
5826 Campbell Street
Hanahan, South Carolina 29410
office: 843.554.4221
fax: 843.747.3220

Animal Control
Hanahan's Animal Control Officer is Karen Hagood. Ms. Hagood can be reached at 843.554.4221 ext. 316 or khagood@cityofhanahan.com.  

Hanahan Library
1274 Yeamans Hall Road
Hanahan, SC 29410
Phone: (843) 747-5400

Hanahan Recreation Dept. 
3100 Mabeline Rd.
Hanahan, South Carolina 29406
Office: 843.266.0723
Fax: 843.266.0725




~ Events ~


~ Business & Services ~


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